What Do You Know about Oral Emergencies?

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Are you aware of any common oral emergencies? An oral emergency is often characterized as any type of emergency associated with your mouth that often takes place completely by accident and occurs swiftly. This can include brutally bitten lips or fractured and dislocated teeth.

If you suffer blunt force trauma or suffer a fall, it is likely that you will crack or fracture a tooth. If this should take place, clean your mouth out with water and clear the wound of any fragments. Apply a gauze to the wound until you can stop the bleeding. Visit your dentist to fill the crack in to prevent infection from reaching your inner tooth.

Now and again previous tooth restoration treatments can be knocked loose or fail. When this happens with a service such as a dental crown, it is crucial to cover the exposed tooth with a soft cotton swab dabbed in clove oil. If you lose a dental filling, the hole should be concealed with a cotton swab or dental wax until a meeting for a new dental filling can be arranged at our office.

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