What are dental crowns?

A dental crown, also known as a “cap,” is a restoration that can improve the function, appearance and health of your smile if a tooth has become significantly damaged or decayed. Designed to entirely cover the damaged tooth, the dental crown can restore the tooth’s original shape, structure and size. In many cases, crowns are created from tooth-colored materials, such as porcelain or resin, to ensure that the dental crown blends in beautifully with your natural teeth.

Do I need a dental crown?

There are many uses for dental crowns. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Scott Ferguson may recommend a dental crown in order to:

  • Restore a significantly decayed or damaged tooth
  • Improve the function and appearance of a misshapen tooth
  • Strengthen a fractured or weakened tooth
  • Cover and complete a dental implant
  • Anchor a dental bridge
  • Enhance the beauty of your smile
  • Support a large dental filling when little original tooth structure remains

Each dental crown is custom made to perfectly fit your smile and bite. Our dental crowns in Kimball, Michigan, typically require only two visits to our friendly dental office to be placed. We invite you to call 810-985-3301 or visit us today to learn more about how a dental crown can improve the health, beauty and function of your smile.

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