Treatments for Your Sensitive Teeth

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Did you know, there are many treatments for sensitive teeth problems? Yes, it’s true! You do not have to suffer in silence if you have sensitive teeth because there are many things you can do to improve your situation. Having sensitive teeth is a common problem that affects thousands of people each day.

Our dentists, Dr. Scott Ferguson, is excited to help you with ideas on how to treat sensitive teeth. Additionally, our team at Scott J. Ferguson, DDS in Kimball, Michigan, has provided some simple facts on how to treat the condition.

Here is a list of treatment options for your sensitive teeth:

– Mouthwash can help toughen your tooth enamel with the use of fluoride to help strengthen your teeth and lessen sensitivity.

– Visit your dentist regularly to determine the cause and get the correct treatment to improve your oral health.

– Keep brushing daily in case plaque or bacteria is triggering your sensitivity.

– Apply sensitive toothpaste to help your teeth over time as you brush your teeth twice a day.

– Fluoride gel can also be used to help decrease sensitive teeth and strengthen your tooth enamel.

– Flossing your teeth is vital in case the reason for your sensitive teeth comes from something you can’t see stuck between your teeth or along the gumline.

Our dental team is dedicated to helping you with your oral health concerns and needs. That is why we welcome you to give us a call at 810-985-3301 to make an appointment, so you can have the help you need to overcome your sensitive teeth today.

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