Steps to Take in Cases of Dental Trauma

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If you or someone in your family is in a dental emergency, stay calm and call Scott J. Ferguson, DDS in Kimball, Michigan at 810-985-3301. Also, take a look at these instructions to see what you can do at home while you wait for a professional:

1. Take a teaspoon of salt and mix it with 8 oz of tap water for the injured person to gargle.
2. An over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin can reduce pain. Tylenol or Advil are not anti-inflammatories. You can also administer an oral anesthetic if you have that handy.
3. Give him or her a cold ice pack to hold to the cheek.

Chipped Teeth
1. Have the injured spit a mouthful of warm water into a bowl to rinse out any teeth fragments.
2. Transfer the larger pieces of tooth from the bowl to a glass of cold milk or water to preserve the fragments for your appointment with Dr. Scott Ferguson.
3. Apply a cold compress to the cheek.

Loose or Missing Teeth
1. Use cold water to rinse the mouth of any blood. Advise the injured person to try not to move the tooth while rinsing if its roots are still partially in place.
2. A fresh tissue or towel will hold a loose tooth in place. If the tooth is completely free from the gums, place it in a glass of cold water or milk to preserve it until you see Dr. Scott Ferguson.
3. Offer an ice pack to hold to the cheek.

Fractured Jaw
This scenario may be best addressed in a hospital emergency room or with an oral surgeon. Meanwhile:
1. Give the injured a cup of water to rinse over the sink to remove any blood.
2. Help your family member be comfortable in a reclined chair or bed. Warn him or her to keep his or her jaw very still.

Scott J. Ferguson, DDS understands the anxiety of these circumstances. Call us at 810-985-3301 to receive swift and superior dental relief.

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