Options for Cavity Fillings

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If you’ve ever had a cavity filled, you know that the end result is a whole tooth that doesn’t hurt any longer. But one of the downsides of a cavity is that you’re left with a gray, cement-colored filling afterward.

That doesn’t exactly do wonders for your smile. And if you have a big cavity filled, then the filling itself is pretty hard to miss. Believe it or not, but it can subconsciously affect your self-esteem and willingness to be outgoing in social and professional situations.

The good news is that you have other options.

Go with gold
Depending on where you’re at, you can almost always ask a dentists about gold fillings. Yes, these are made from real gold. The cost reflects that, but gold is a soft, malleable metal that works well for a filling. And it looks better than the usual option!

Composite resin
This is the option that Dr. Scott Ferguson is most likely to recommend if you want a discreet filling. A composite resin is made of different materials that combine to create a tooth-colored filling. It’s mostly plastic, with a few other materials mixed in for durability

Here at [pratice_name] in Kimball, Michigan, we’ve seen firsthand just what kind of difference a great filling can make. We recommend these different options because we know they work, and we want to see you have the best smile possible. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 810-985-3301.

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