It’s Time to Protect Your Smile With Sealants

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If you have a desire to protect your teeth from tooth decay, or if you would like to help your child do the same, we are happy to help you with dental sealants!

Dental sealants are best for children and teenagers who are between the ages of 6 and 14; however, adults can also benefit from sealants but only if they have strong, healthy teeth and their molars are free from dental fillings. Dental sealants can last up to 10 years, and they are replaceable if any problems occur, like if the sealant becomes chipped or worn down. The sealant does not need special care, but it does need to be checked and cleaned every six months at your regular dental cleaning appointments.

The process of placing the dental sealant is quick, easy, and painless. First, your dentist will thoroughly clean the tooth that is receiving the sealant. The tooth is then dried. Next, your dentist will cover the tooth with an acidic solution, which will roughen the surface of the tooth and will help the sealant better bond to the enamel. Your dentist will then rinse and dry the tooth. When it’s ready, Dr. Scott Ferguson will paint the sealant onto the tooth enamel and will harden it with a special light. This entire process should be completed within one dental visit.

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