Interdental Cleaners And Flossing Tools

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Would you rather clean the toilet than floss your teeth? Many people do not like flossing, whether it is because doing so is difficult, uncomfortable, or time consuming. However, cleaning between your teeth daily is a necessary part of maintaining oral hygiene. In order to make flossing easier, there are several tools and devices available which are all geared towards cleaning between teeth.

Floss Holder

This plastic, Y-shaped tool holds the floss for you. You only have to use one hand to use a floss holder and it is helpful for those who struggle with manual dexterity. However, it cannot curve the floss into a C-shape, which makes it less effective than flossing your teeth by hand.

Dental Tape

This kind of floss has a wide, flat shape, like a ribbon. Because of its different shape, dental tape is easier to use than normal floss.

Interdental Brush

This tiny brush is a popular interdental cleaner for those who have braces. It is easier to handle than floss and the bristles are small enough to clean between teeth. Additionally, studies have shown that an interdental brush cleans between teeth more effectively than floss does.

Oral Irrigator

This device sprays water in order to clean between teeth. However, there is a debate as to whether oral irrigators do a good job at cleaning away plaque. The question remains unanswered, but studies have shown that when an oral irrigator is used along with normal flossing, then teeth become even cleaner.

Wooden Pick

Also called a wooden plaque remover, this tool is similar to a toothpick. After it is softened with water, it can slide between your teeth and clean there. However, you must be careful in using this tool so you do not harm your gums.

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