Effective Cleaning Habits for Preventing Halitosis

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An often-overlooked condition that can arise due to poor dental habits or other oral health problems is halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath. Bad breath typically arises due to bacteria in your mouth emitting bad odors, but it can also be caused by the foods you consume and underlying health conditions within your body. Treatments for halitosis include the following:

– Most forms of mouthwash are highly effective at washing away bacteria that produce bad breath.
– Regularly attend oral health examinations and routine checkups with your dentist. In addition, visit us every 6 months for a professional cleaning.
– It is important to remember to wash your tongue daily as it is a place where bad breath bacteria often lurk. If you see a white or brown coating on your tongue, use a toothbrush or tongue scraper to clear it off.
– Bad breath can easily be caused due to a lack of saliva in your mouth. To avoid symptoms of dry mouth, always eat healthy foods that require a lot of chewing, including carrots and apples. In addition, studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum after meals can help promote saliva production.
– Avoid unhealthy habits that can contribute to bad breath, including smoking or chewing tobacco.
– Always make sure to practice effective oral health care habits including brushing twice daily and flossing between your teeth every day.

If you notice signs of bad breath, fortunately, it can be treated. Scott J. Ferguson, DDS remains committed to your oral health. You are welcome to book an appointment with us by calling 810-985-3301. Stop by our dentist office in Kimball, Michigan, and Dr. Scott Ferguson and our team will give you the treatment you need. We look forward to hosting your smile!

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