Brushing With Dentures

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You may think that because your dentures are not your “real teeth” your days of brushing are over. Not quite! Dentures may not be natural teeth, but they still need to be properly cleaned if they are to do their jobs effectively.

Dentures can collect food debris, just like natural teeth. That can lead to bad breath and gum disease, and could cause problems for your remaining teeth if you wear a partial denture. A good, soft-bristled toothbrush will do the job well. However, there are advantages to using a toothbrush designed for dentures. You dentures can scratch easily, and the soft bristles in a denture brush will prevent that. A single-tuft denture brush can help you reach any stubborn food particles trapped along the artificial gums. Remember that plaque and bacteria can still build up on your gums and in your mouth. Brushing your mouth, tongue and gums will not only fight bacteria and plaque, but will also freshen your breath and increase the circulation in your mouth.

You can use a toothpaste formulated for dentures that does not contain any abrasives that can damage them. Many people opt for hand or dish soap. You should wash your dentures in warm water. Hot water can warp your dentures or cause them to break. Brush them over a towel or a sink full of water to minimize the chances that they will break if you should drop them. Leave them in a soaking solution overnight, since dry dentures can lose their shape.

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