A Severely Damaged Dental Crown Might Need a Dental Bridge Restoration

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A dental crown is typically made from materials like gold, a metal alloy or dental grade porcelain. It is used to treat a significantly decayed or traumatized tooth. It is designed to replicate the original tooth enamel.

However, a dental crown can still be chipped or fractured by an accidental blow to the mouth during sports, or a household fall. In some of these cases the damage can extend beyond the dental work to the dentin of the tooth. In a severe case in which the dentin or the socket of the tooth has been compromised, our dentist, Dr. Scott Ferguson might recommend extracting the tooth. This can help ease the pain and allow the gum tissues to heal.

Once all the affected gum tissues have fully healed the dentists can restore the tooth with a dental bridge. This requires the using the tooth on each end of the gap to anchor the bridge. To do this, the enamel must be removed from these teeth and they must be covered with crowns. The dentists will make an impression of the area, which will be used to create the bridge. When it is ready, the crowns and bridge will be placed on your teeth.

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