The Plaque Plague

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Did you know that your mouth is constantly fighting a battle against disease and decay? Oral bacteria are necessary for maintaining your health, but some of it can harm your teeth and gums. The bacteria that causes many dental problems is called plaque.


Plaque is the name given to the sticky, colorless film of bacteria that collect on the surface of teeth. The sugars in your food help plaque bacteria to grow as well as produce acid. These acids attack tooth enamel, and over time, they can decay it and cause cavities.


If plaque is not removed from your teeth, it eventually hardens and becomes tartar, or calculus. Tartar provides a sticky surface where even more plaque can collect and harm teeth. If tartar and plaque extend under the gum line, then they can infect the gum tissue, causing a condition called periodontal disease.


In order to prevent plaque from harming your teeth and hardening into tartar, you must brush and floss it away daily. We also suggest avoiding excess consumption of sugary or starchy foods. Six month visits to the dentist are another crucial element in prevention, because only a dental professional can successfully remove tartar from your teeth.

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