Interdental Cleaners And Flossing Tools

Would you rather clean the toilet than floss your teeth? Many people do not like flossing, whether it is because doing so is difficult, uncomfortable, or time consuming. However, cleaning between your teeth daily is a necessary part of maintaining oral hygiene. In order to make flossing easier, there are several tools and devices available… Read more »

Considering Dental Tourism? 6 Risks to Consider First

Dental tourism involves flying overseas to have expensive dental procedures completed for a cheaper cost, giving a vacation while saving money. Sound too good to be true? It is. If you are considering participating in dental tourism, first consider some of the risks that accompany it. 1: Health and Safety Guidelines While several countries practice… Read more »

Try Our Dental Word Search!

Taking care of your teeth is important, and so is taking care of your brain! Mentally stimulating activities such as word puzzles have been proven to help sharpen your brain and prevent memory loss.  Have fun looking for dental related words while exercising your brain.  It is also a great way for youngsters to build their vocabulary… Read more »

What’s In a Bite?

If you have been following the World Cup, you likely know of the incident in which Uruguay’s Luis Suarez received a suspension for biting an opposing player’s shoulder during a game. Here at our dental office, we highly discourage biting anything other than your food, especially people! However, this incident did make us curious to… Read more »

Don’t Forget about your Teeth when Spring Cleaning!

It has been a long winter, and we’re happy to see that spring is finally arriving and flowers are starting to bloom. With warmer weather comes the urge to start spring cleaning (or maybe it’s just us)! If you’re starting your spring cleaning and making your rounds of the house, be sure to give your… Read more »

How to Protect your Teeth from Easter Sweets

Easter is the second largest holiday for candy purchases in America, second only to Halloween. With sugary treats in abundance during the Easter season, we know it can be hard to resist, especially knowing how delicious candy can be! However, it is important to remember the negative effects that candy can have on your teeth… Read more »