What are dental inlays and onlays?

Inlays and onlays are dental restorations used to aesthetically repair teeth that have been damaged or decayed. Also known as partial crowns, inlays and onlays are similar to fillings. Your experienced dentists may recommend a dental inlay or onlay if the tooth’s damage is not extensive enough to require the use of a dental crown. Often created from porcelain, inlays and onlays are custom made to fit your tooth exactly.

Do I need a dental inlay or onlay?

You may need a dental inlay or onlay if a tooth is damaged or decayed. The dental inlay or onlay can restore the tooth’s structure, function, and health. Because our dental inlays and onlays are typically created from porcelain, they also restore the tooth’s appearance.

What is the difference between a dental inlay and a dental onlay?

Dental inlays are used when the damage or decay on the tooth does not include the cusp of the tooth. A dental onlay, on the other hand, may be used to restore a tooth if the damage extends to the cusps. In essence, dental inlays and onlays both serve the same purpose of effectively restoring the tooth.

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